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Devon L. Wadden

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What to Expect From Your REALTOR When Selling

What to Expect From Your me, your REALTOR® When Selling:

Working with a REALTOR® for the sale of your home will ensure your best interest will be kept in mind throughout the whole process. Not all real estate professionals can call themselves REALTORS®, and that is why it makes the difference.

Your REALTOR® Will Guide You

Working with a REALTOR® will ensure that you are guided through the process of selling your home. Starting from the evaluation process to closing, it is your REALTOR®’s duty to be aware of current market conditions and requirements necessary for the transaction to take place.

Your REALTOR is required to let you know of all expenses associated with the process of selling your home to ensure that you are going into this process knowing exactly what to expect.

REALTORS® Service Your Needs

From the first point of contact, a REALTOR® will work to determine exactly where you lie within the process of selling your home. Introductory questions may be along the lines of “When do you plan to sell your home?” or “How much do you hope to sell for?”, and they will continue to ask more questions in order to get a full picture of your situation and how they can be of most value to you.

REALTORS® have large networks of professionals to even further support you outside of their realm of expertise.

Accurate Home Valuations

REALTORS® go through specific training in order to generate accurate home valuations. They have access to a series of resources that allow REALTORS® to provide an accurate number that will make sure you get the most out of the sale of your home.

It is a REALTORS® duty to provide accurate valuations, and seek out any property details that may increase or decrease the price of the home in order to accurately represent the home. Once a price has been determined by the REALTOR, they will walk you through a CMA and work with you to establish the final listing price.

Skilled Negotiations With Your REALTOR®

REALTORS® are indispensable when it comes to bargaining with sellers. Tempers can flare and heels can dig on. Your REALTOR® is an expert at smoothing things out.

REALTORS® are experienced in arranging fair deals. Your Agent will assist in negotiating an offer, acting as a mediator to resolve potential conflicts between you and the seller, and draw up a legally binding agreement.

Adherence to Standards

The title of REALTOR® is reserved for individuals that are part of the Canadian Real Estate Association. These individuals will have had to go through training and pass a write exam to earn the title. Once a REALTOR®, professionals are held to strict standards set forth by The REALTOR® Code Of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics has been put into place to protect you and your best interest, and to ensure you only get the best out of your real estate transaction.

Legal know-how? They know how.

There is a lot more paperwork in the background of a seller's transaction, that’s why working with a REALTOR® will ensure that you will not miss anything. REALTORS® are required to stay up to date with legal requirements and standard paperwork needed for processing transactions.

As large transactions can fall through at the slightest complication, your REALTOR® is specially trained to recognize problems and provide solutions before they even arise, to stay on track and keep the proceeding moving. They will be able to provide you with a network of resources to make sure that you are ready to close on time.

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Education: Graduated Cambrian College in Sudbury Ontario. Focus on business, marketing, and professional selling.

Specialty: Residential sales is my specialty. That includes homes, condos and multi family dwellings. I have done commercial leasing but prefer residential.

Experience: 33

Awards: ReMax Hall of Fame, ReMax 100% Club (2021) CERC (Canadian Employee Relocation council certified) ASA (Accredited Senior Agent)

Area Covered: Ottawa and surrounding area

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